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25th Mar 2013

The ‘Eating Habits’ survey of 5,000 UK adults found that 48% of us eat until we feel uncomfortably full.  To help with this ‘eyes bigger than belly’ pandemic, Setlers has a brand new concept in the market place, offering an alternative to antacid tablets. New Setlers Mintees offer a double mint punch which soothes your stomach after a meal, while also freshening your breath.

To reach an audience of city-centre, quick-lunch grabbers, we distributed 450,000 sandwich bags across 250 sandwich bars across the UK. Not only did we create brand awareness by delivering these branded sandwich bags straight into time-pressed office workers hands, we also gave them a chance to put the product to the test after scoffing down their lunch. 375,000 Mintees samples were given out via nifty sample dispensers, making it possible for product trial to occur exactly when intended – straight after a meal.

They definitely are the mint with more so make sure you grab a sample when you’re out grabbing lunch. The campaign is live nationwide for 4 weeks.

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