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21st Mar 2016

George Osborne’s Budget announcement last week has certainly set tongues wagging nationwide. On the positive side, there have been significant developments for UK savers from an ISA perspective as the main ISA allowance goes up to £20k from April 2017 and there is also the introduction of a Lifetime ISA to help the cash-strapped younger generation save to buy their first home or tuck savings away for their retirement.

The biggest selling point of an ISA is its innate simplicity. It’s a way to save that is easy to understand, flexible and tax efficient.  From April 2016, the government will allow savers to put away up to £15,240 tax free.  You’re able to invest in a Cash ISA, a Stocks and Shares ISA, or a combination of the two.  For savvy investors, Stocks and Shares offer much higher returns and it’s something that Nutmeg specialise in.  Their online set up takes less than 10 minutes and you get an expert investment team that build and fully manage a portfolio tailored to your particular risk profile.  Nutmeg invests only in high quality, low cost exchange traded funds.

To promote their ISA ahead of the new tax year, Nutmeg are live this week with Coffee Cups delivering their message directly into the hands of potential investors across London. The cups have a twist too incorporating a tear-off coupon encouraging consumers to invest in a Nutmeg ISA today and get 3 months free of portfolio management fees.  The coupons are an ideal way to give consumers vital information to pop in a pocket or handbag to redeem in their own time.

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