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19th Feb 2014

When O2 first ventured into tablewrap territory it was August last year in support of their TU Go app launch.  This time, they’re back with a campaign targeting SME’s.  It’s a tricky demographic to reach, mostly because it’s incredibly broad – from your butchers, florists, hairdressers and masseurs that work on the high street, to your sole traders, plumbers and electricians constantly on the go from one job to the next.

Cafés are renowned as hubs in the local community.  Not only do they satisfy everyone’s daily caffeine habit, but they serve the nation’s appetite for breakfast, lunch and snacks during the busy working day.  To reach both an ABC1 and C2DE audience, O2 are running tablewrap in a combined campaign targeting 125 local high street cafés and greasy spoons in London and the South East, areas known to have a high percentage of small to medium sized businesses.

The key benefit with tablewrap in cafés is dwell time – you’re able to reach consumers while they’re relaxed and taking a break from their busy day.  Tablewrap allows the time necessary to absorb complex creative and with phones naturally on the table, it acts to drive response.

The campaign was planned by Zenithoptimedia and Meridian Outdoor and booked by Posterscope.

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