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14th Jul 2014

It might be a universal drink, but there are those (myself included) that absolutely, categorically hate water. It could be for any number of reasons – bottled water companies convincing us that anything from a tap is yuck, the fact it’s not terribly exciting or full of flavour, or that we’re simply spoiled for choice with all the drinks options available today.

Whether we like to admit it or not, there are major health benefits to drinking water. Our bodies are 60-70% water so any dip in the volume has an impact on how the body functions. Too little and our skin suffers, we get headachy, dizzy, irritable and fatigued. This everybody knows.  We all need sustenance to keep us going during the working day, but generally it’s endless cups of tea or coffee that find their way onto our desk.  Let’s face it, that caffeine fix is way more exciting than the boring water cooler in the corner!

Well…until now that is. Oasis have just launched an on-the-go juice concentrate that could be a game-changer for water-haters the world over. Oasis Mighty Drops comes in handy sizes you can take anywhere and suddenly dull water turns into something juicy and refreshing. Problem solved! To get Office Workers in on the buzz, Oasis have just gone live with a campaign in 1,000 Offices nationwide distributing 500,000 branded Cooler Cups.


The campaign was planned by Mediacom and booked through Posterscope.

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