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Takeaway Coffee Cups

One of the great cornerstones of British society is the NHS, a system that ensures that everyone in Britain has access to free healthcare.

It’s a service that Britons are passionate about, employing thousands of doctors, nurses, specialists and other staff across the UK. Unfortunately in recent years, more and more NHS emergency staff have suffered needless abuse simply carrying out their job. LBC’s Nick Ferrari feels really strongly about the fact that the NHS emergency services staff who save lives every single day should be treated better. In fact, he decided to start a petition to change the law so that abuse on NHS emergency staff would be classed a criminal offence. The LBC GEMS petition resonated so much with all of us at Tabletalk that we put our own weight behind the drive to protect the people behind the NHS by offering a free advertising campaign to promote the cause. Thousands of takeaway coffee cups branded with the LBC GEMS message were distributed in key cities across the UK, encouraging everyone taking time out for a coffee during the day to put some thought and action behind the petition.

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