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Screwfix Branch Openings

Screwfix are supporting their new store openings across the UK with branded Bacon Butty Bags distributed via Greasy Spoon Cafes.

Bacon Butty Bags can run regionally or can be utilised for National campaigns and can pinpoint cafes within a targeted drive-time of specific store locations to raise awareness locally with a prompt that actively drives traffic in-store. Tradespeople are an elusive bunch.  Their everyday work can take them all over the country.  Having said that, there are a couple of things universal to all tradespeople – they are always on the road and they have a seriously healthy appetite.  Greasy Spoon Cafes are a great British institution and ‘Tradies’ really are their bread and butter.  So Screwfix choosing to reach tradespeople through advertising on branded Sandwich Bags (AKA Bacon Butty Bags) is the perfect way to get the Screwfix message directly into the hands of their target market

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