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Established in 2004, Tabletalk is an ambient media specialist in the OOH sector with a diverse array of retail spaces allowing brands to connect with consumers on their everyday journey.

Our networks include...

Community Pharmacies


Our network of Independent Community Pharmacies comprises 5,000+ Pharmacies across the UK. Ideal for reaching an older audience of 65+ years, those with long term health conditions, parents of young children, and people with their health and wellbeing front of mind.


Pubs & Bars

Advertising in Pubs allows brands to capitalise on a vibrant, social space and disrupt everyday moments in a creative, impactful way. Formats include Beer Mats and Washroom Panels. Our national network consists of over 5,000 independent pubs and bars.

Coffee Shops & Cafés


Our UK wide network of Independent Coffee Shops allows brands to reach city-centre, office based professionals and a remote/mobile workforce. Coffee Shops often act as alternative office space for entrepreneurs and start-ups too as they offer the perfect combination of coffee, cake and connectivity. Venture outside the city-centre and into affluent suburbs and Coffee Shops cater to the Work from Home audience as well as families engaged in leisure activities.





Tabletalk offers advertising in a variety of different Takeaway food outlets including Indian & Chinese Takeaways, Fish & Chip Shops, Pizza Takeaways, Chicken Shops and Kebab Shops. Providing the ability to target groups of friends and families at home in front of the TV, to young adults on nights out.



Greasy Spoons


Our Greasy Spoon advertising network gives brands interested in reaching the notoriously elusive trade audience an opportunity to disrupt their everyday journey with formats that are simple, creative and memorable. One of the nation’s most recognisable hotspots on the high street, the Greasy Spoon Cafe opens early and serves hot food all day to sate the appetite of Britain’s builders, plumbers, van drivers and specialist tradesmen.


Coffee Shops are now feeling busy again for the first time since the pandemic so here at Tabletalk we decided to assess the market to...