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Advertising in Offices gives brands an opportunity to reach a corporate business audience during their working day.

Considering the fact that office workers spend an average 6 hours a day at their desk in a typical working week, this is an ideal way to reach a captive, affluent audience in the workplace inspiring water cooler conversations and driving engagement online.

Office opportunities...

Water Cooler Cups

Advertising on Water Cooler Cups is an excellent way for brands to deliver messages within a corporate office environment. We all know how inspirational those water cooler conversations can be during the day. It’s a space colleagues regularly meet up to take a break or bounce ideas off each other. Throwing branded Water Cooler Cups into the midst of these conversations is a great way to get noticed. Plus the majority of cooler cups end up on a desk where there is access online and the opportunity for multiple impacts as the cooler cups often sit on the desk for hours on end.


For brands with an especially strong link with water, such as products that are soluble or ordinarily taken with water, Sampling to support branded Water Cooler Cups within an office environment is ideal. You have a captive audience going about their daily business which presents the perfect opportunity for brands to immerse themselves into that everyday work routine. Plus people are 65% more likely to respond to a message if it’s delivered while they are engaged in a relevant activity.
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