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6th Aug 2019

Tradesmen are the lifeblood of Britain’s blue collar workforce and the Greasy Spoon Cafe sates their hungry bellies daily by opening early and serving hot food all day. Nothing better than a hearty breakfast before a hard day’s work!

And there is no doubt that the banter that generally goes hand in hand with a full English breakfast is centred around football. Especially in the Greasy Spoon that is a predominantly a male focused environment with a C2D audience.

Known for stand out marketing and being unafraid to do things differently to cut through the noise, Paddy Power’s decision to distribute their 48 page Premier League Pre-Season Guide “Pitch Invader” in Tabletalk’s network of Greasy Spoon Cafes was always going to be a safe bet.

Placing Paddy Power footy guides in-store gives this tricky to target audience a chance to have a read, share a bit of banter and get some inside knowledge that can make all the difference when making those all important pre-season footy bets.

The magazine has some great interviews and some brilliant tongue in cheek ads inside, as you would expect from the masters of inventive media stunts. With distribution to 1,000 cafes right across England why not check it out yourself at your local caff. Extra bubble and squeak please!

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