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21st Jul 2016

There is nothing quite as satisfying as that indulgent, blissful moment where task and time are suspended as we escape into the pages of our favourite book.  More often than not, moments like these are complemented by a warm, delightful cup of tea or coffee as we allow ourselves to sit back, relax and take our well-deserved time out.  The combination works wonders for the soul.  That’s why Macmillan have used some clever contextual advertising to inspire women in London and affluent market towns across the country to give Karen Swan’s latest book, The Paris Secret a try.

After all, takeaway coffee isn’t just takeaway coffee anymore.  It’s so much more than that.  It’s a status symbol, a moment of indulgence, one of life’s everyday luxuries.  And Coffee Shops are not just places to get coffee either.  There’s home, there’s work and there’s a Coffee Shop somewhere in between.  They are a natural and habitual part of our daily journey.  Stay-at-home mums rely on Coffee Shops to entertain the kids and meet up with friends after the school run, while those of us who work rely on Coffee Shops to double as a space for business and leisure, an escape from a manic day or an alternative office to get work done on the move.  It really is a vital and versatile social space and presents the perfect opportunity for book brands like Macmillan in particular to harness the power of indulgent moments to promote a similar chance to escape, albeit through the pages of a book.

And to give consumers just that little bit extra, Macmillan also placed chapter samplers in a stand on the counter for anyone who’s interested to pick up and have a read whilst they have their coffee.

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