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2nd Jun 2021


A recent PANACT survey showed that 95% of the UK lack an understanding of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer. Additionally, almost half of patients have never heard of pancreatic cancer before their own diagnosis.

Through our pharmacy network, PANACT are therefore running a nationwide campaign in Wales to educate on the signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer. A powerful campaign with striking artwork, the goal of this campaign is to increase awareness and early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Whilst most importantly this increased education can save lives, it can also save money for the NHS – currently, diagnosing 50% of pancreatic cancer sufferers through A&E (rather than through GPs) costs the NHS nearly £5,000 per patient or nearly £21m per year!

PANACT selected pharmacy bags as it allowed them to target both healthcare professionals and the public simultaneously, and we have already received amazing feedback from our independent pharmacists who have said they are very grateful for the supply of the bags as this is such an aggressive cancer.

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