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6th May 2014

It’s easy to see how Smartphone technology has transformed the world we live in today.  We now operate in an always on state of mind with instant access to information wherever we are, whenever we need it.  Technology is the driving force behind advancements in all kinds of transactions – where before the process would have been complex and time consuming, mobile technology has helped totally reinvent how we interact with people, with business, with simple daily tasks.  Everything is simpler, faster, more secure than ever before.  Considering the momentum behind cashless payment in recent years, it was only a matter of time before banks took advantage of mobile technology.

Paym is a government initiative set up by the Payments Council where participating UK banks and building societies are now able to offer their customers an even easier way to pay using just their mobile number.  We’ve all experienced it before, heading out for a meal or grabbing a coffee with friends or family, when the time comes to split the bill there’s that awkward moment when bank cards have been forgotten or cash is running low and inevitably someone offers to cover it followed by hasty promises to pay them back.

Imagine this, no need to scribble down bank details and remember to organise a transfer later, just a simple registration online and you’re able to pay people back instantly using their mobile number.  The Paym campaign is currently live in 155 Coffee Shops nationwide for 2 weeks using 2,015 Tablewraps to deliver the message about this simple solution to one of life’s regular issues right in the centre of conversation in a relevant environment.

The campaign was planned by The7Stars and booked through Kinetic.

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