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1st Oct 2014


Paypal Here is a card reader specifically designed for small businesses and sole traders that allows card payments on-the-go without being tied into a monthly contract.  Last year in October, Paypal ran some light-weight Tablewrap activity in Coffee Shops to reach SME’s.  The great news is they loved it so much, they’re back for a second round!

This time Paypal are running a campaign targeting Coffee Shops in key cities across the UK using Tablewrap to impact SME’s driving awareness and take-up of Paypal Here.

Coffee Shops are renowned as hubs in the local community filled with a diverse range of consumers, but it’s the convenience, the access to wifi and the opportunity to do as you please with no limit on time that makes this space a honeypot for SME’s either taking a break from their busy day or needing somewhere to work away from the office.

This campaign was planned and booked by Havas Media and Posterscope.

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