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4th Dec 2016

We live our lives in the fast lane and it’s a complicated feat juggling responsibilities and trying to balance our lives at work and play.  The last thing we need is something to disrupt that sensitive balancing act.  Even worse if that something disrupts everyday things like sleep or how we eat or drink, the kind of stuff that most of us take for granted.  Heartburn or acid reflux can create a nightmarish burning pain and discomfort that throws those who suffer with it out of whack as it can crop up anywhere, any time.  

When we eat or drink, proton pumps in our stomach release acid which helps break down food and kill bacteria.  With our stomach lining protected, it’s a process we don’t even notice happening.  Usually the valve at the base of the oesophagus keeps the acid inside the stomach, but sometimes that valve relaxes and allows acid to escape into the oesophagus.  As it doesn’t have the same protective lining as the stomach, the acid can cause a horrid burning sensation in the chest or back of the throat, sometimes it even causes a sour taste in the mouth.  All in all, a decidedly unpleasant experience for anyone to have to cope with.  Heartburn is considered frequent when it happens twice a week or more.  The flare ups can disrupt sleep and get in the way of everyday life.  That’s where Pfizer steps in with Nexium Control, a pill that you can conveniently take just once a day to help control your heartburn.

Of the many things known to trigger heartburn, hot drinks like tea and coffee are considered a regular culprit and one of those everyday things we Brits habitually love to include in our daily routine.  We’ll grab a coffee to go on our way into the office and throughout the day we’ll drink copious cups of tea, especially now that the winter weather has chilled us to the bone.  Pfizer boxed clever with their Nexium Control campaign to promote a heartburn-free Christmas advertising on branded Takeaway Coffee Cups to get the message directly into the hands of takeaway tea and coffee drinkers where a percentage will be dreading the after-effects and wondering what to do to control it.  In steps Pfizer’s Nexium Control to save the day.  The campaign is running for 4 weeks from the 1st of December in Coffee Shops nationwide with Pfizer (and us) wishing everyone a heartburn-free Christmas this year!

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