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12th Nov 2015

Whether it’s cursing yet another week day alarm as we roll out of bed to confront the constant commuter chaos on our way in to the office, or the never-ending stream of meetings, deadlines and fire-fighting that makes up our working day, we all know that lacklustre lethargy that takes over when we’ve had one of those days.

The health-conscious among us have looked to natural supplements to re-energise mind and body, a trend that has continued to grow in leaps and bounds in recent years.  Emergen-C first fizzed to life in California in the late ‘70s when flares were in and big hair was hip, a signature formula developed in part with Nobel Prize winner and vitamin C advocate, Linus Pauling.  The #1 vitamin C supplement in the US soon set its sights on bringing the fun, fizzy formula to the UK.

In a bid to convert the masses, Pfizer have launched a campaign across 500 Offices nationwide giving run-ragged office workers the opportunity to ‘Be the Peppy One in the Office’ and sample Emergen-C in a convenient sachet dissolvable in water.  It makes total sense as the samples are being distributed right by the water cooler machine so employees can pop one into their water right away.  On top of that, they have even branded the water cooler cups and are giving away coupons encouraging consumers to try a different flavour with a discount redeemable at Emergen-C stockists nationwide.  In total, we have distributed 250,000 branded Cooler Cups, 250,000 sachets of Emergen-C and 250,000 Coupons.

This is a great example of how we’re able to tailor campaigns that help brands actively immerse themselves into a relevant daily routine.  The feedback so far from the offices has been great.

The campaign was planned and booked by Vizeum and PS Live.

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Emergen-C Office Cooler Cups & Sampling