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2nd Feb 2015

We live in an always on, always on-the-go world and brands are having to come up with more innovative ways to get noticed.  At Tabletalk we have an extremely diverse estate, all of our spaces are consumer-focused and situated at points across the daily journey.  We aim to disrupt these everyday moments in creative, impactful ways.  It’s all about inspiring curiosity and cut-through.

Pharmacies are one of those unique consumer spaces we offer.  Not only are they an ideal environment for brands looking to raise awareness with health messages, or those interested in a 50+ market, they are also an excellent support for over the counter products.  Branded Pharmacy Bags are handed directly into the hands of consumers by Pharmacists.  95% of consumers conducted in a survey say they trust their pharmacist* which only serves to add gravitas to the message in hand.  Add this to the fact that the majority of these bags are taken home where consumers often keep their medication in the bag and reuse it time and again; this means an opportunity for multiple impacts beyond the pharmacy space and in the home.

The winter period is always hugely popular in our Pharmacies.  In January we have a number of campaigns live.  The NHS is running a variety of health messages related to their Winter and Be Clear on Cancer promotions (Oesophageal, Breathlessness and Arthritis).  We also have Protexin with their fourth campaign supporting Bio-Kult, a probiotic available for purchase over the counter.  And Janssen are back with a follow up campaign – they first advertised with us in October to promote Care4Today, a mobile health app to help consumers keep track of their medication.  This time Janssen are using both the pharmacy bags and leaflets in-store.

*Readers Digest survey

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