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28th Oct 2015

Now that the clocks have officially gone back, it’s a sign that winter is well and truly on its way.  It’s a time of year that has an enormous impact on us, both mentally and physically.  Not only are the days colder, darker and shorter, our bodies are more susceptible to winter nasties like cold and flu.  It’s the over 65s who suffer most, especially those that aren’t prepared for the onslaught of freezing temperatures and the havoc this plays with simply going about our everyday lives.  That’s before we even consider the skyrocketing cost of heating our homes.  Throw in some unruly bouts of snow and suddenly even picking up prescriptions from our local pharmacy becomes a struggle.

Public Health England have launched a Winter Wellness campaign this week encouraging the public, particularly those over 65 to think ahead and actively take steps to ensure they stay well this winter.  The advice ranges from flu jabs, to keeping homes at 18 degrees to keep warm, and fetching prescriptions before pharmacies close for Christmas.

Over 2.8 million Pharmacy Bags are being distributed in Pharmacies throughout England for the next 8 weeks, spreading the word about winter wellness to the elderly and most at risk.

The campaign was planned and booked by MEC, Carat and Posterscope.

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