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14th Nov 2014

That daily caffeine fix is an absolute necessity for millions of us worldwide.  In fact, over 800,000 of us Brits visit a coffee shop at least 4 times a week.  Sadly, all that feel-good has to be tempered with something.  Dentists have gone back and forth debating the effects of coffee on our oral health for years.  The consensus seems to be that while coffee isn’t quite as acidic as fruit juice, it’s actually the dark pigment that plays havoc and creates unwanted stains on our teeth.  All that effort to protect our pearly whites literally eroded every time we venture near that warm, delicious roast.

Luckily, there are products on the market that can help us have our cake (um.. coffee) and eat it.  Hoorah!  In fact, there is one product in particular perfect for those of us with too little time to worry about holding back on life’s little pleasures, but still very much interested in maintaining that shimmering smile.

Philips has cleverly harnessed the power and relevance of our national coffee habit to promote their Sonicare HealthyWhite electric toothbrush.  Throughout November, they are using a combination of Tablewrap and Coffee Sleeves in coffee shops nationally to reach consumers at a profoundly relevant drink stain moment.  Now you can have your coffee black and your teeth white.  Everyone’s a winner!

The campaign was planned and booked by Carat and Posterscope.

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