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17th Jul 2013

We decided to push boundaries and challenge Posterscope with a competition to find out who is the tech-savviest of them all. Savvy about what you may ask? Why NFC of course!

Much has been said about OOH’s natural connection with mobile and with more and more campaigns looking to integrate media across different platforms and generate a stronger sense of ROI, we felt that it was time to put tablewrap to the test with the help of NFC specialist Proxama.

We wanted to showcase the flexibility of tablewrap by integrating multiple NFC touch points into the competition table creative, each running alongside QR and unique to 3 separate prizes up for grabs. The idea being that everyone taps or scans as often as possible to be in with a chance to win a weekly prize.

The stats are tailored per table per NFC tag and require the input of the entrant’s email address just once so that any additional taps or scans will automatically be recognised making the process simple and stress free.

We saw a 26% increase in unique users and a 98% increase in the number of entries in the second week compared to the first. Furthermore, 81% of people tapped/scanned on more than 1 occasion.

The tables are located in Posterscope’s meeting area and as of last Friday, on request we extended the competition into PSI’s meeting area too!

The tap dance continues…We’ll update you on the results soon.

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