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2nd Oct 2016

Whoever said that coffee is the breakfast of champions had a point.  That bitter lava liquor has long been revered for its magical powers.  Whether it’s bringing people together, an excuse to head out and escape the daily mayhem with a bit of well earned me time, or the elixir that gives weary minds a second wind, coffee is the force that spurs the creative juices of Britain’s working masses.  In fact, today coffee is no longer just coffee.  As a nation, we have become coffee connoisseurs knowing exactly which flavour combination and style suits our own independent spirit.  And this has also given rise to a surge in the popularity of independent coffee shops, outlets that offer something above and beyond the chains, something that sings a similar tune to our savvy soul.  

After all, each of us is different.  Where in the past we seemed happy to accept the status quo, the colourful characters that make up the world today are much more interested in shaking it up.  We no longer like being tied into one way of thinking, or indeed, one way of working.  We need the freedom to work anywhere, anyhow and anytime.  So much like our choice in coffee has a unique flair, so must the way we work offer us an individual style.  No longer are businesses insisting that their staff are bound to work in stifling offices.  They are much more open to staff working flexible hours, working from home, hot desking, or simply taking time out to get work done in a local Coffee Shop.  In fact, for start-ups and entrepreneurs who often don’t need or can’t afford traditional office space when they first start out, Coffee Shops are the ideal alternative office.  They have just the right mix of coffee, cake, company and connectivity to ensure that productivity happens naturally.  And for city workers or the self-employed working from home, Coffee Shops offer a welcome change of scenery.

Powwownow evolved with today’s global workforce in mind and is now the leading conference call provider in the UK.  Their communications software is state of the art meaning that anyone can join a web conference from any device, whether desktop, tablet or mobile, in an instant.  It means that businesses can give their staff the ability to work from absolutely anywhere, anytime.

And since Coffee Shops are naturally the go-to location for business people working on the go, it’s no surprise that Powwownow is targeting SME’s with a campaign in Coffee Shops.  The Coffee Shop media comprises Tablewrap to ensure that the Powwownow message is delivered to sit down consumers likely to be utilising the cafe space in-store to get business done on the move, as well as branded Deli Bags aimed at the takeaway lunch audience.  Since 91% of takeaway lunch bags end up on a desk in the office, it’s a great way for Powwownow to extend their message beyond the Coffee Shop space and into the work environment.  Tablewrap was also used to promote Powwownow at a communication conference at the Excel Centre.

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