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13th Feb 2018

Cafe culture has become such an integral part of everyday British culture that it’s almost impossible to believe our addiction to the darkly satisfying exotic liquid began just 15 years ago. We moved from a nation of tea drinkers and occasional instant coffee drinkers to a nation of coffee connoisseurs. A cursory glance down the high street promises a smorgasbord of cafes in all shapes and sizes, from big brand chains to all manner of chic independent artisans and the inevitable local caffe.

Commuters mainline espressos and mums nurse supersize double shot lattes to ward off exhaustion. The digital age has meant that cafes now offer the ultimate flexibility – a space for work and play. There is literally a cafe to suit our every fancy. With twenty-somethings in the 90’s riding the wave of the UK’s coffee boom, it’s no surprise that this love for coffee in all of its veritable forms has been passed on from one generation to the next. Kids are growing up with Coffee Shops a regular hotspot on the everyday agenda – when mum needs a break, a distraction or somewhere to catch up with friends and family. So it’s natural when the same kids hit their teenage years, they see Coffee Shops and Cafes as the perfect hangout space whether it’s to meet friends, study or simply enjoy some chill time.

Penguin Random House regularly advertises in Tabletalk’s network of independent Coffee Shops and Cafes. Understanding their audience and knowing exactly where to find them, it makes perfect sense that PRH would choose to target teenagers and their parents in Coffee Shops. Advertising on branded takeaway coffee cups, PRH is able to deliver their message directly into the hands of coffee consumers at a key ‘me’ time moment during the day when they’re naturally relaxed and receptive.

Penguin Random House has invested in a coffee cup advertising campaign supporting 3 of their young adult genre titles, namely The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert, The Truth and Lies of Ella Black by Emily Barr and Turtles All the Way Down by John Green. Pooling budgets to support multiple titles is a great way to generate maximum reach as coffee cup advertising allows you to utilise a series of different creatives without any extra spend. Penguin Random House’s latest campaign is running in 50 Coffee Shops and Cafes across London for 2 weeks.

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Penguin Young Adult Coffee Cup Advertising