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8th Feb 2017

The Times Top 100 List of Graduate Employers is compiled through research that involves more than 18,000 graduates who left university in the previous year.  They are asked which employer they believe offers the best opportunities for graduates.  The league table produced as a result is the definitive annual guide to the UK’s most sought after and prestigious graduate employers.  And PwC is top of the list, a position it has held for an astonishing 13 consecutive years.  As an organisation that prides itself on helping businesses tackle and overcome complex business challenges and streamlining the way businesses work in order to make them more successful, it’s really no surprise that PwC has cracked the code when it comes to attracting the cream of the crop in graduates across the UK. 

Knowing that PwC invest in the best and understand the value of solutions that work, it’s fantastic to see PwC back for a fifth consecutive year advertising their graduate solutions at their top tier universities across the UK with Tablewrap in Student Unions.  The format presents the perfect opportunity to reach groups of students socialising or studying together.  The delivery of the message directly on the table works as a great prompt to drive conversation and influence peer discussion around careers and the PwC brand in particular.  There is also the added benefit of students seated around the table for 18mins or more at a time with phones, laptops and tablets naturally on the table in direct proximity to the message.  

The University Student Union is an incredibly versatile space, somewhere that 95% of students on campus will visit at least once a week.  This means that there are students from a diverse range of backgrounds and subject specialties that find their way into the student union.  For PwC, this is a really attractive environment because they are interested in recruiting the best people and these people come from a wide range of backgrounds having studied a multitude of different degree subjects.  Graduates interested in PwC can work in a number of careers ranging across Actuarial, Assurance, Consulting, Deals, Legal, Tax and Technology.  This is why advertising on Tablewrap in Student Unions at their key Universities is an especially appealing route to market for PwC.  The format offers a unique way to merge the online and offline worlds, allowing brands to catch students with precious time on their hands and in an open, relaxed and engaged frame of mind.

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