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18th Jan 2016

You’ll be pleased to hear that PwC are back for a 4th consecutive year using Tablewrap to reach graduates at key universities across the UK.  Since 95% of students visit the Student Union at least once a week, it makes sense that dominating a versatile space like this will give PwC an edge over recruiters on campus.  You’d expect nothing less from a firm voted the UK’s number 1 graduate employer for an unprecedented 12 years in a row!

Tablewrap ensures that messages sit prominently in the centre of conversation where groups of students gather to meet friends, kill time between lectures and get work done on the go. You reach students in a relaxed, receptive frame of mind with mobile devices naturally on the table and time on their hands to actively consider and engage with content online.

The PwC activity is live for 4 weeks from 18th January with 508 Tablewraps across 18 Universities encouraging graduates to take the opportunity of a lifetime and pursue a career with the top graduate employer in the country.

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