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19th Sep 2013

Music fans will no doubt recognise this title from one of Aretha Franklin’s greatest hits of all time.  She took Otis Redding’s song and transformed it into a soulful anthem for women the world over.  You’re probably wondering what this has to do with Tabletalk.  Well respect is an age-old theme and one the Welsh Government are strongly supporting with their Live Fear Free campaign. 

Targeting students in 4 Welsh universities, the Welsh Government are raising awareness about sexual harassment and reminding students that the only way to treat themselves and others is with respect.  It’s a big problem on campus as 68% of female students say they have experienced sexual harassment whilst studying at their current institution.

The campaign is running on tablewrap in university student unions over Freshers where our format offers the longest dwell time (20mins) with the message slap in the centre of conversation.  Considering 95% of students visit the union at least once a week, it’s bound to make an impact.

The activity was planned by Mediacom North and booked by Zone Outdoor.

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