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17th Jan 2014

Over the last year, we have been working with OOH specialists to allow them to better understand our Tablewrap format.  By physically installing the tablewrap in each of the agencies, this allowed them see the format in all its glory and experience for themselves how Tablewrap can excel when it comes to audience engagement.  We partnered with Proxama to create a tablewrap competition with multiple NFC entry points.  Our most recent installation was in Rapport, across their 3 UK offices with the aim to educate planners on how Tablewrap and NFC could benefit their clients.  The results were extremely positive. 

During the three week competition, Rapport tapped their phones on the table 2,078 times with the average person tapping over 60 times each.  It’s a great way to show how NFC touch points can track interaction with the audience.  For example, if a customer were to tap a coffee shop table each time they entered their local coffee shop (perhaps through a loyalty scheme or to ‘check-in’ on Facebook) a client could better understand how their tablewrap advert was performing or even track audience movement which would enable them to re-target them further down the line.

We carried out a survey pre and post the Tablewrap installation to see if Rapport’s perception of our Tablewrap format and their understanding of NFC had increased.  The infographic below shows clearly how our aims have been met.  Rapport have since asked us to install a permanent NFC tablewrap feature in their office to enable them to pass on their knowledge and demonstrate the benefits to their clients.


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