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27th Jun 2019

Everyone who’s anyone knows that the UK’s Glastonbury Festival is the holy grail when it comes to greenfield music and performing arts festivals the world over. The great thing about Glasto and festivals like it is that the people who flock there are as diverse as the entertainment and experiences on offer. There is literally something for everyone, whether you’re into wild and wide eyed or laid back and chilled out. 

Singles, couples, families, young and old – you couldn’t get a better cross section of society. Something has to be said too for the genuine sense of openness and feel-good associated with festivals, an element which lends a unique and highly valuable impetus to a savvy tactical marketer. There really is nowhere else you reach thousands of happy, ready to be entertained and engaged consumers in one place for such a lengthy period of time.

Our Festival Cafe Packs are designed to disrupt the everyday journey of festival goers by branding 100% biodegradable takeaway coffee cups given to purchasers of hot drinks throughout the festival weekend. Placed directly into the hands of time rich, readily relaxed, open to persuasion consumers from any and every walk of life. It’s tactical advertising in a unique way delivering a hard to reach eclectic audience.

Penguin have capitalised by snapping up our Glasto pack to promote some of their popular Young Adult titles including Phil Pullman’s Book of Dust trilogy, Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman and One of us is lying by Karen McManus. For the savvy marketers out there still on the hunt for a unique opportunity to make a genuine impact, we have several other festivals coming up throughout the rest of the year that are available.

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