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31st May 2017

If you’re an avid reader, without a shadow of a doubt there is a particular place on the planet that you prefer when it comes to transporting yourself into the world of that book.  For home bodies, it’s tucked up in bed at night or propped up by cushions on the couch, everything set up just right to create the perfect balance of comfort without distraction.  The romantics who take that bit of me time more seriously than most prefer a luxurious bath, setting the scene for total escapism with a glass of wine and candlelight.  

There are those simply-can’t-put-books-down types that you’ll find contorted at the kitchen table resolutely fighting off dead leg to remain lost in another time and place.  And if the suns out, there are the adventurous souls that sneak out to the closest park or spread out in the garden to lie on the grass flipping through pages reading lines in dappled sunlight while happily twiddling their toes.  

Ah.. if only every day was a reading in the sun day.  Work usually puts paid to that idea.  In our obsession with the rat race and survival of the fittest, we have to get creative with stealing moments to dive back into the pages of a book.  Our daily commute is a perfect opportunity – that’s if we have the pleasure of grabbing a seat.  Not always the case on a big city commute.  Park benches and green spaces are always a welcome haven.  

But when it comes to the best everyday hideout of all, it’s everyone’s favourite, the local coffee shop that fits the bill.  It’s the seamless blend of ambient murmur, exotic coffee aroma and sumptuously satisfying cake that posits the perfect partner for our escape into the world of fiction or fact.  We get to snuggle ourselves into a cosy corner or near a window watching the world go by and dig our noses deep into our chosen adventure.  No risk of jostling or angry commuters jibing, no chance that the UK’s notorious drizzle will put paid to our sunshine, just absolute indulgent me time with access to all coffee, cake and connectivity you could ever possibly need.

Coffee Shops are ‘me’ spaces designed to satisfy our most indulgent whims.  No questions asked, just a warm welcome and a barista determined to make your particular choice of caffeine supreme just the way you like it.  We’re encouraged to use the space however we wish, whether it’s catching up with friends, doing business away from the office, or simply taking time out to read a book and escape the daily humdrum, even for a moment.  Coffee Shops are the perfect place to unwind which is exactly why coffee consumers utilising the space are relaxed and receptive.  

Brands that deliver their message through advertising on the table to sit down consumers, or by advertising on takeaway formats like coffee cups or deli bags, are all capitalising on the relaxed mindset and timing delivery of their message at a key moment during the busy everyday routine where messages genuinely resonate.  

Tabletalk has run a multitude of different campaigns for the book sector including titles for Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster etc.  We segment our network of Coffee Shops into packs that target a range of demographics.  This might be adults in general, a skew towards women aged 25-44, yummy mummies in affluent suburbs, or city businessmen working in London’s Square Mile.  There really is a pack we can tailor to suit any demographic.  And what better place to reach avid book readers than in one of their natural hideouts, the Coffee Shop?  Get in touch for more info.

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Lady reading a book in a coffee shop