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29th Nov 2023

As the festive season approaches, the Richmond Theatre are advertising their Dick Whittington pantomime on takeaway coffee cups. Oh no they’re not. OH YES THEY ARE!

The all-star cast includes Paul Merton playing the traditional ‘Panto Dame’ with Suki Webster, Wendy Mae Brown and West End star Vivien Parry. These bright and colourful cups embrace the magic of pantomime storytelling and live performances. They’re an invitation for everyone to immerse themselves in a world of wonder and laughter, making cherished memories with friends and family.

Moreover, this approach demonstrates Richmond Theatre’s commitment to engaging with the local community in novel ways. By collaborating with nearby cafes and coffee shops, they not only spread awareness about the pantomime but also foster a sense of unity and shared excitement among residents and visitors in the area.

The Richmond Theatre’s decision to advertise its Dick Whittington pantomime on takeaway coffee cups is a whimsical yet effective way to engage audiences and spread the festive joy. So, the next time you grab your morning brew in Richmond, keep an eye out for these enchanting cups—they might just lead you on an adventure to the magical world of Dick Whittington!

The panto opens on the 9th December and runs through to the 7th of January with tickets available at

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