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22nd Jun 2019

Everyday 250 people in the UK begin to lose their sight and it can have a devastating impact on people’s lives. The RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) is one of the UK’s leading sight loss charities, supporting the nation’s largest community of blind and partially sighted people.

The organisation recognises everyone’s unique experience and offers anything from practical and emotional support, to reading services and products available in their online shop designed specifically to help the blind and partially sighted do the everyday things we take for granted. The RNIB is also a catalyst for change – inspiring those who are experiencing sight loss to transform their lives, their community and ultimately society as a whole.

Understanding that Pharmacies are an everyday community health environment, the RNIB invested in branded pharmacy bags to deliver a message of support in a relevant way at an appropriate time and place. Advertising on pharmacy bags, the message is further reinforced by the fact that the bags are hand delivered by the pharmacist, often prompting questions which are answered by a trusted, respected health professional.

The RNIB also understands that while their support is available to those experiencing blindness or partial sight, there are others who are impacted by sight loss too – family, friends, carers and community members – who are also in need of advice and support. Reaching this audience with branded pharmacy bags means that they are able to successfully deliver their message of support to the wider local community, working to make a difference in people’s everyday lives.

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RNIB Pharmacy Bag Advertising