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19th Jan 2016

We live our lives in constant motion and from the minute we wake up we are inundated with messages, all fiercely competing for our attention. When it comes to delivering a message that resonates, it’s important to focus on the right time and place.  As far as audiences go, SME’s are as diverse as they are widespread, but there is something they all have in common, a space that has fast become that third place between home and office.

Coffee Shops have evolved over time, but their central purpose as a meeting place has always remained intact. They are a unique environment where business and leisure naturally coincide, somewhere consumers feel comfortable simply taking a break from a busy day or actively using the space to get work done on the go.  Advertising in Coffee Shops gives brands an opportunity to capitalise on daily dwell time and capture the attention of consumers in a relaxed, receptive frame of mind.

Salesforce are disrupting coffee breaks in 50 outlets across London from today using Coffee Cups to deliver their message directly into the hands of SME’s going about their everyday business.

The campaign was planned and booked by DWA Media and Open Outdoor.

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