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12th Feb 2014

The fish and chip shop market is worth £1.2bn which equates to over 250 million fish and chip meals sold in the UK every year.  That means £1 in every £100 spent on food goes on our favourite cod and chunky potato combo!  For generations, fish and chips have fed millions of memories from the seaside holiday munchies to the payday treat or the late night supper on the way home from the pub.  They are a national institution and rightly so.

Now it’s not just fish and chips that inspire the British palate, there is something else that no die-hard fish and chip fan can live without – it’s the perfect complement to our beloved spud.  Salt and vinegar for the chips, a bit of squeezed lemon for the fish and before long we’re in chippie heaven.

Sarsons Vinegar is taking advantage of the nation’s love of all things fish and chip by supporting National Chip Week with 100,000 branded fish and chip bags over a period of 2 weeks.  They have also supplied each of the 200 fish and chip shops taking part in the campaign with free samples of Sarsons Vinegar to use throughout the promotion.

A clever use of marketing and a great way to remind the British public about the Sarsons brand.

The campaign was planned by UM London and booked by Rapport Worldwide.

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