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4th Mar 2016

As we get older, our bodies need a lot more maintenance to manage the everyday wear and tear. It can make things we’ve always taken for granted just that much harder to cope with.  For anyone with a disability, chronic illness or special need, day to day life can be a nightmare to manage, especially when unexpected situations arise.  Scottish Power recognise that some of their customers need a helping hand and they have set up the Priority Services Register to ensure that the more vulnerable of their customers have peace of mind should anything unexpected happen, such as a power cut.

To raise awareness about the service, Scottish Power identified Pharmacies as the ideal environment for reaching both the over 60’s and those with illnesses and disabilities that require constant care. They are using Pharmacy Bags to deliver their message directly into the hands of these consumers across all of Scotland, north of Wales and north of England.

The campaign is planned and booked by The7Stars and Kinetic Worldwide.

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