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14th Nov 2023

Tradespeople are the lifeblood of our construction industry.  It’s incredible to think of the multitude of different trades necessary to bring a building to life, whether it’s a high rise in the city or a home in suburbia.  The architects and engineers might come up with the plans, but it’s the builders and bricklayers, the plasterers and carpenters, the plumbers and electricians that put the real muscle behind the project.  The work is tough, the shifts are long and often there is plenty of mileage and countless hours in traffic toing and froing from home to supplier to site and back again.

All that travelling around in the van and the heavy lifting on the job means that tradesmen are notoriously fond of a hot breakfast.  In fact, this is exactly why Britain’s greasy spoon cafes evolved, to cater to workers who were up early and in need of hot food on the go.  ‘Tradies’ are often up at the crack of dawn with no time for a meal at home.  So it’s on the road and a quick stop at a local greasy spoon cafe that has become such an integral part of the their everyday journey.  And their favourite choice of all – the warm, filling, deliciously calorific bacon butty!

Tradespeople are an elusive bunch.  Their everyday work can take them all over the country.  Having said that, there are a couple of things universal to all tradespeople – they are always on the road and they have a seriously healthy appetite.  Greasy Spoon Cafes are a great British institution and ‘Tradies’ really are their bread and butter.  So Screwfix choosing to reach tradespeople through advertising on branded Sandwich Bags (AKA Bacon Butty Bags) is the perfect way to get the Screwfix message directly into the hands of their target market.

The benefits don’t end there either.  Because the bags are meant for a takeaway consumer, they often end up in the van and sit on the dashboard for a good while.  This makes the branded bags a simple, cost effective advertising option to complement radio or roadside activity targeted at tradespeople. With Bacon Butty Bags, we’re not only able to run regional or national campaigns, but can pinpoint cafes within a targeted drive-time of specific store locations to raise awareness locally with a prompt that actively drives traffic in-store. Screwfix are supporting their new store openings across the UK with branded Bacon Butty Bags distributed via Greasy Spoon Cafes.

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