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21st Feb 2018

Undoubtedly the staple of all British staples, the local greasy spoon cafe is an integral part of British culture, particularly when it comes to our blue collar workmen. Serving the breakfast of champions, our nation’s greasy spoon cafes cater to tradesmen who are up early and on the road all day. Advertising to tradesmen can be tough to get right. An elusive audience constantly on the move, brands need to look at innovative ways to engage effectively.

With so many advertisers using traditional means to deliver their message to tradesmen on the go, Tabletalk’s network of greasy spoon cafes offers a unique way to reach an audience where nearly 9 in 10 customers work in a trade. The mechanism is simple – branded bags delivered directly into the hands of consumers ordering their bacon butty to go.

With an average dwell time of 11 minutes and the majority of branded bags ending up on the dashboard in the van offering an opportunity for multiple impacts, advertising on branded bags is an excellent way to support trade-targeted campaigns, particularly roadside or radio. The fact that each bag carries a message that targets an individual at a key break moment during the day where there is time to resonate and engage makes this form of media extremely effective in delivering cut through.

Screwfix regularly advertises to tradesmen in Tabletalk’s network of greasy spoon cafes using branded bags to promote store openings across the country. There is great versatility with campaigns able to pinpoint a group of cafes within close proximity or drive time to specific stores. Advertisers can support single or multiple stores with creative allowing for simple address changes at no extra cost.

For their latest campaign, Screwfix cleverly included SatNav coordinates on their branded bags so that tradesmen could easily find their new store at the Walkerville Industrial Estate.

If you’re interested in targeting a trade audience in our network of greasy spoon cafes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Screwfix Tradesmen Advertising Campaign