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22nd Mar 2021

Selco are the UK’s fastest growing Builders Warehouse and to promote the forthcoming opening of their Liverpool branch they are advertising on our branded sandwich bags.

Distributed by our network of greasy spoon cafes the Selco branded butty bags are placed directly into the hands of trades people within the catchment area of the new store.

Advertising to tradesmen can be tough to get right. An elusive audience constantly on the move, brands need to look at innovative ways to engage effectively. The bags contain all the information that tradies need, making them aware of the store location and opening date. Each bag targets an individual at a key break moment during the day, where there is time to resonate and engage, making this format extremely effective in delivering cut through.

If you’re interested in targeting a trade audience in our network of greasy spoon cafes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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