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11th Oct 2022

As the UK continues to experience the largest ‘cost of living crisis’ for 40 years, many, including middle-income families, are struggling to make ends meet. The rising cost of food, fuel and energy have been compounded by the recent hike in mortgage rates, leaving many people facing the uncertainty of potentially losing their homes. Renters are not immune from these pressures as rents spiral upwards and peoples financial resilience is severely dented.

To add insult to injury, members of the government offer spurious advice such as “working more hours”, “cancelling Netflix” or “buying a new kettle”.

Shelter UK are putting the responsibility back on the government with their latest campaign, with the clever creatives (by in-house agency Yonder Media) mocking these sticking plaster “fixes” and delivering the clear message that government needs to act to resolve the housing crisis.

Utilising branded Beer Mats to deliver the message ensures that the topic is debated in pubs across the land, raising vital awareness for the campaign which has resulted in 4,000 hand written messages being delivered to 10 Downing Street asking the Prime Minister to fix the housing emergency.

The activity consisted of 325,000 branded beer mats in 325 pubs, nationally over 4 weeks.

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