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9th Sep 2013

It’s messy business this coffee-drinking, sandwich-eating, snack-attacking on-the-go lifestyle of ours, especially when it comes to the effect this type of diet has on our teeth.  Considering people are 65% more likely to respond to a message when it’s delivered while they are engaged in a relevant activity, it makes perfect sense that our food and beverage environments are a popular choice with gum, mint and toothpaste brands!  Setlers Mintees have already run two bursts of sampling activity in 2013 and Wrigley have run numerous campaigns with us over the last few years.

Colgate have taken it a step further and are currently sampling their new Plax Complete Care Mouthwash in our network of independent coffee shops targeting 200 outlets nationally with 400,000 samples in total.  It’s simple really, give customers a chance to sample a product delivered in a relevant environment at a time when they’re relaxed and receptive and you’re bound to leave your brand front of mind when it comes to their next shop.

The campaign was planned by MEC and booked through Kinetic.

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