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24th Feb 2014

We’re always looking for new ideas to push creative boundaries and offer our clients a variety of innovative, impactful media.  Coffee shops are a particularly versatile environment for us and allow brands a great deal of opportunity when it comes to creating standout in-store whether budgets are big or small.

This year we’ve introduced a new format, essentially a Standee at point of sale which is NFC-enabled.  It grabs customers’ attention while they’re waiting for their purchase and with phones often in hand, the NFC option allows quick interaction to download content or access info online.

Sony Music have just gone live with a Standee campaign for Foxes’ new single ‘Let Go for Tonight’ targeting Coffee Shops in proximity to Oxford Street in a bid to catch women in their 20s and 30s and busy high street shoppers.  Customers can pre-order the song on iTunes or watch a video on YouTube.

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