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11th Jan 2024

Penguin Random House “Nail It” with Sophie Kinsella’s The Burnout on our *NEW* Nail Salon Panels.

Sophie Kinsella is a renowned author known for her captivating storytelling and her ability to resonate, particularly with women. The Burnout is a novel that delves into the challenges of modern life, work, and the pursuit of balance, which naturally appeals to a female demographic that includes busy professionals, working mothers, and all individuals navigating the complexities of contemporary society.

Nail Salons offer a moment of relaxation and self-care and provide a unique environment to connect with this target audience. Penguin Random House understands that readers are not confined to bookstores and libraries; they are everywhere, engaging in the various activities of their daily lives, and the key is to meet them where they are. As we say here at Tabletalk, Impacting Everyday Moments.

Our *NEW* A4 frames in Nail Salons provide 45mins+ dwell time, placing content within a tangible and immersive experience. As salon goers indulge in pampering themselves the connection between self-care and the advertiser is highlighted, in this instance turning a routine salon visit into an opportunity for readers to discover a compelling story that may resonate with their own experiences. This all helps to create a memorable and positive association between the advertiser and the relaxation and self-indulgence that Nail Salons represent.

By understanding their target audience, creating memorable experiences, leveraging community spaces, and embracing diversity in marketing channels, the publisher has embarked on a creative journey to connect with readers in unexpected yet meaningful ways.

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