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18th Apr 2016

Coffee breaks are ‘me time’ during the day when people grab a little luxury to indulge in before tackling their busy day.  Since we spend 21mins with our daily takeaway coffee, this offers plenty of time to consider a message, especially when that message is hand delivered as a one-to-one communication with the consumer.  It’s tactile, it’s disruptive and it’s personal.

When it comes to targeting commuters, Coffee Cups are an excellent way to disrupt the everyday journey.  If the consumer has been exposed to messaging at key points along their journey, it’s the Coffee Cup that subliminally rounds off that messaging and reaches them when they have the time to actively engage without distraction.

There’s nothing we love more than brands that come back time and again.  South West Trains first invested in Coffee Cups in October 2014 using the format to spread the word to leisure commuters about their 2 for 1 travel deals into London.  They followed this up with another burst of the same activity in February last year.

For their Spring 2016 activity, South West Trains have new creative that packs a decidedly striking punch reminding leisure commuters along their key routes into London that South West Trains are always there bright and early to whisk us away to our next adventure.  There are 2 bursts this time with the first live today, Monday 18th April.  All the outlets taking part are located in key regional cities and towns along the South West Trains route, including Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton, Basingstoke etc.

The campaign was planned and booked by Rocket and Talon Outdoor.

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