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24th Oct 2014

One of our best formats and hugely popular this year, Coffee Cups offer brands an opportunity to deliver messages straight into the hands of the audience they’re after.  The Cups have a strong visual and tangible impact which creates a talking point.  It’s all about generating that sought-after curiosity and cut-through.  Considering we spend an average 21 minutes with our takeaway coffee, taking advantage of that habitual daily caffeine fix is a way to reach consumers at a key break moment during their busy day.

South West Trains have decided to spread the word about 2 for 1 ticket deals to over 150 London attractions.  South West Trains targeted passengers on major routes to London using a total of 25,000 fully branded Coffee Cups.  The campaign is running over the last 2 weeks in October.  This is an ideal format for brands looking to gain a footprint within local communities as Coffee Shops are well-known social neighbourhood hubs.

Great artwork too!

The campaign was planned and booked by Rocket and Talon Outdoor.

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