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4th Jun 2024

Specsavers are promoting their domiciliary care service on pharmacy bags across the UK.

To qualify for a home visit, you need to be eligible for a free NHS-funded eye test (such as being over 60 years old) and are unable to leave your home to visit an optician unaccompanied due to a physical or mental illness or disability.

This is particularly relevant to many people who receive prescription medication from their local community pharmacy. A typical pharmacy will serve 750 elderly people, 600 carers (carers are high users of pharmacies) and 200 people with a physical or mental disability as well as 1,000 people with chronic disease such as hypertension or diabetes. Multiply this audience by 1,000+ pharmacies ensures we are able to deliver the Specsavers message directly into the hands of millions of potential users of their domiciliary care service.

Specsavers visiting opticians can perform a full and thorough eye test within the comfort of your own home, using specialist equipment adapted for home-use. They carry out a full and thorough eye examination to assess your vision and check the overall health of your eyes. Through domiciliary care they can also offer guidance, support and monitoring for diagnosed eye conditions such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

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