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22nd Jan 2015

Let’s face it, the images the fashion industry portrays about size 0 perfectly proportioned women with immaculately coiffed hair, the exact right shade of summer tan, skin fresh as the day they were born and makeup to die-for isn’t a fair portrayal of real women going about their everyday.  The vast majority of us real women are loud and proud, giggle when we jiggle, revel in the fact we’re sweaty betty foxy ladies with lipstick and our game face on!  We like our burgers and our beers, our mai tais and our pad thais.

Sport England have launched a sassy campaign that plays to a real audience, inspiring everyday active gals out there that no matter what your size or ability, sport can be a fun and enjoyable part of our lives.  Using a range of different creative designs based on the Sport England TV activity live in January, the campaign launched this week and is running on 1,300 Tablewraps across 100 Coffee Shops nationally for the next 2 weeks.

A bit of tongue in cheek gets you everywhere and this campaign has got under the skin of women all over the country creating a massive positive response.  There is something truly inspiring and invigorating about sport, whether it’s the opportunity to meet new friends and be part of a team, or to take on a challenge you never thought possible and realise you have more ability than you ever imagined.  Whatever the case, it doesn’t matter if you’re the slow one at the back, you’re lapping everyone on the couch at home.  Go on girls, I know ‘This Girl Can’!

The campaign was booked and planned by Carat and Posterscope.

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