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1st Feb 2016

The humble coffee bean has a long history dating back to the 10th century where it is believed to have originated in Ethiopia.  It was the Yemeni traders that first brought coffee back to the Middle East in the 15th Century and soon the coffee trade spread through Africa, into Europe, Indonesia and finally America.

With such a rich history in trade, it makes perfect sense that Spreadex is harnessing the power of everyone’s favourite coffee bean to entice the City’s financial district into the world of spread betting. From the 1st of February, Spreadex is distributing branded Coffee Cups in 15 Coffee Shops in the City with enough to last a full 6 months.  The message is tailored around the Spreadex app which now allows secure log-in through Touch ID giving bean aficionados instant access to spread betting on the go.  Considering takeaway coffee is served directly into the hands of busy city workers on the go, it’s the perfect match.

The campaign was planned and booked by Smithfield and Talon Outdoor.

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