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13th Jun 2014

Every office in the country has been buzzing with excitement in the run up to the World Cup.  Footy fans all over the UK have been checking odds, placing bets, setting up sweepstakes and conversations everywhere inundated with talk of Brazil.  Not surprising then that an estimated 3.2 billion viewers worldwide tuned in to watch the Opening Ceremony last night!

Squawka have kicked off with a campaign of their own with beer mats in 130 Sports Pubs in key cities across the UK.  As a football stats site it’s no wonder they’re keen to take advantage of the feel-good football fever gripping the country over the World Cup.  It’s also a chance to have a bit of fun.  Using 6 beer mat creatives, footy fans having a pint in the pub can match up the beer mats and re-create famous World Cup goals.

The campaign encourages fans to access the Squawka mobile site and play football prediction games on Squawka Battlemode.  There are loads of prizes to be won, including Amazon vouchers, a signed England World Cup shirt and a training session with Roy Hodgson.  Great incentive if you ask me!  The campaign is running for the duration of the tournament so if you’re buzzing with contagious footy fever, head to a pub near you and join in!

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