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15th Aug 2016

A private hospital based in Newport, St Joseph’s offers outstanding private healthcare to patients across Wales and the South West.  In fact, it offers the most advanced diagnostics capabilities of any private or NHS hospital in the UK.

St Joseph’s sets itself apart from other private healthcare providers by following a 5 star ethos in every part of the hospital which includes a £10m investment in facilities.  There is a focus on ‘made to measure’ healthcare which takes the needs of individuals to heart and creates a bespoke healthcare solution to match.  Plus the beautiful surroundings are designed to promote calm, recuperation and wellbeing.  With 160 leading consultants operating across 11 centres of excellence and more than 20 specialties, St Joseph’s is serious about providing outstanding value for money.

In order to raise awareness about their private healthcare services and reach consumers living in Wales and the South West, St Joseph’s has invested in branded Pharmacy Bags which are distributed across independent Green Cross Pharmacies serving key local communities.  This is the second time St Joseph’s has invested in Pharmacy Bags having used the format for the first time last year.  Advertising on Pharmacy Bags is a simple, effective way to get your message into the hands of consumers at a relevant health and wellbeing moment during the day.  The fact that Pharmacy Bags are hand delivered to consumers by the pharmacist means that your message is effectively endorsed by one of the most trusted health professionals in the industry.

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