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18th Mar 2018

We are taught from a very young age how dangerous and devastating a fire can be, particularly at home. It can start in any number of ways and spread so rapidly that the threat to life and property is frightening. The Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service is raising awareness and educating the public with an advertising campaign in Pharmacies across Staffordshire. The branded pharmacy bags carry an eye-catching colourful message that genuinely grabs attention and encourages anyone who faces fire to ‘Get Out, Stay Out and Call 999’.

The 4 major risk factors when it comes to loss of life through fire are generally the SAME – Smoking, Alcohol, Mobility and Elderly. The Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s fire safety campaign is based on 10 years of evidence that shows any one of these 4 factors contributes to an increased risk of dying in a fire. It’s pretty confronting stuff! Choosing to advertise a fire safety message on pharmacy bags in Pharmacies across the county is clever tactical advertising specifically aimed at those who are most vulnerable in our community raising awareness about the danger of fire and how critical it is to have fire alarms in place and an escape plan in mind. 

Pharmacies are known to serve a high percentage of the over 65’s, particularly in light of the fact our bodies naturally suffer wear and tear over the years and need more TLC, often in the form of prescription or over the counter medication. This is true also of mobility, something which is known to affect us more and more as we get older. Smoking and alcohol take their toll too and often this means medication is required to combat or manage the associated issues.

By investing in pharmacy bag advertising as opposed to mainstream media, the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service is delivering a relevant message to a relevant audience in a way that drives genuine cut through. Pharmacies are the ideal environment to deliver a serious community targeted message as consumers are naturally more inclined to listen and heed advice that is hand delivered by a trusted health professional.

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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Services Pharmacy Bag Advertising