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30th Nov 2017

When we think of the wonders of technology, without a doubt one of the best inventions for a modern day consumer is contactless payment.  The seamless convenience eases the everyday like no invention before it.  Tap to pay for coffee, tap to park the car, tap to slide through the gates and onto the tube.  And if there’s one type of consumer that lauds the day contactless arrived more than any other, it’s mums across the globe.  Especially mums with babies and toddlers in tow.  It’s a nightmare trawling from A to B with kids, but having to venture onto public transport with a pram is enough to fill even the toughest mum with dread.

Thankfully, gone are the days of dragging the pram onto the bus squished in by hordes of grumpy commuters only to spend minutes that seem to drag on for hours digging in every pocket, turning your handbag upside down, frantically searching every other bag you’ve had to lug along with the pram carrying nappies, changes of clothes, wipes and the kitchen sink looking for loose change to pay the driver before you can grab that silly paper ticket and board before the never ending line behind you explodes in pent up commuter angst and seething impatience.

Stagecoach Buses shares the joy of mums with young’uns in celebrating contactless on their new route in Barnsley with buses to Cortonwood every 30 minutes by promoting the fact on branded takeaway coffee cups in Coffee Shops and Cafes along the route.  The clever message speaks to the multi-tasking, juggling genius of mums with its quip about contactless giving mums one less thing to worry about – all they have to do now is worry about getting that colouring book and crayons out to keep the kids entertained once they’re aboard!  

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