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21st Sep 2017

When it comes to being a student, there is one universal truth, so much to do, so little time and so little money!  Transport being one of the biggest bug bears of all.  Parties galore, studies that make the brain hurt, a burning desire to travel near, far and of course home once term is over and holidays begin.  All in the life of a student.  A precarious balancing act that requires much off the cuff ingenuity of course.  Like knowing that travelling by bus is the cheapest way to get around every day and most importantly, home for Christmas once those constantly depleted levels of cash have run dry.  Luckily Stagecoach can always be relied on to come to the rescue.  A true saviour of students, whether it’s visiting friends, handing in an essay or heading to that part time job, Stagecoach is always en route and ready to help speed cash-strapped youngsters along.  

To promote their Unirider service to students in Manchester, Stagecoach have invested in Tablewrap advertising in 4 of the Manchester University halls, the Student Union coffee shop and bar, as well as the Salford University SU.  And what a deal they’re promoting.  Unlimited bus travel from just 78p a day!  With tickets available for purchase online, groups of students sitting around the table with phones naturally in proximity to the message have the opportunity to visit the Stagecoach website to buy tickets, an immediate prompt to purchase.  Or the seed is planted for when they’re next in need.  This clever piece of ambient marketing is a great way to reach students in a relaxed frame of mind with the means and opportunity to effectively engage with a message and take immediate action.

Stagecoach truly is a magic bus service that whisks students away on all kinds of journeys, full of the joys of discovery.  And investing in clever tactical advertising in such a relevant way and relevant space highlights exactly how agile and intuitive their understanding of their student market really is.

The campaign was planned and booked by Media Agency Group.

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