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16th Sep 2016

According to Nicola Milliard, BT’s Head of Futures and Customer Insight, “Good coffee, cake, connectivity and company, not necessarily colleagues, just humans, are the four things everyone needs to work.”

Working away from the office is fast becoming the norm and the ability to work from anywhere has given rise to the ‘coffice’ or Coffee Shop Office.  For start-ups and entrepreneurs, Coffee Shops often fit the bill as an alternative office early on, especially when dedicated office space is unrealistic, unnecessary or too expensive.  According to, “A true entrepreneur is more likely to close business in a Coffee Shop.  It’s the first step to building trust and a long lasting business relationship, it’s more authentic.”

The coffee industry is booming as a result.  A Cafeconomy survey in May 2016 revealed that two thirds of café owners reported a 10% increase in turnover last year with the biggest growth area being coffee at a whopping 51% increase year on year.  Coffee has universal appeal with 7 in 10 of us buying hot drinks out of home in the UK.  37% of us visit a Coffee Shop every single day.  It really has become a national passion that continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

So it’ll come as no surprise that Start Up Loans have specifically chosen to advertise on Coffee Cups.  A government backed initiative, the organisation offers loans of up to £25k and free business support to individuals looking to fund their start up.  In fact, Start Up Loans has supported 40,000 business ideas with over £230m worth of loans to date.  So for anyone with a big idea looking for investment, I’d be on the hunt for that extra special Start Up Loans branded coffee cup in London from today for the next 4 weeks!

The campaign was planned and booked through AMS Media and Talon Outdoor, with creative and activation handled by Cubo.

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Start Up Loans Coffee Cup Adverts